August 31, 2017

Modern Modality

SurveyGizmo continues to win fans in the market research space, and we’re glad to have them as one of our partners. In fact, the integration of our CATI solution to SurveyGizmo was driven by inquiries from SurveyGizmo users wanting an efficient way to conduct mixed-mode surveys.

Response rates to surveys of all types continue to decline, which puts more pressure on quota. That more inquiries have been coming in indicates that mixed-mode surveys not only make economic sense but often incorporating additional survey modes is an imperative to meet quota.

Mixed-mode survey designs have two big benefits: they are cost effective and they are successful in getting response from different audiences. Plus, mixed-mode surveys can decrease both coverage errors and nonresponse errors which increase the representativeness of your sample.

These are precisely the reasons we’ve invested in transitioning to an extensible platform model using APIs. Our integration enables SurveyGizmo users to conduct online, automated (IVR) or interviewer-led (CATI) phone surveys, and then analyze and report on the results using the functionality in SurveyGizmo. The ability to use a single survey for both web and voice-based delivery simplifies and removes technical obstacles to multichannel data collection for faster quota completion.

Our ability to augment survey data collection goes beyond just voice though. Using web technologies like jQuery and JavaScript we give researchers the ability to incorporate visual data collection methods, like text and image highlighting, card sorts, and virtual shopping scenarios. Adding visual elements increases engagement which translates into higher completion rates.

From the inquiries we’re fielding, it looks like more researchers are asking “what do we need to do to meet quota in the shortest amount of time” and then determining how to go about collecting data. That’s where solutions like Survox and SurveyGizmo that can be easily integrated are proving their value.  If you’d like to find out more about Survox for SurveyGizmo, visit our partner page, or get in touch with us. We’d be glad to share ways to help you reach your objectives.

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